Simple FEYORRA Publisher and Advertiser Network Daily Payouts

By FREETRX Faucet Network

Any manipulation of the traffic will result in the immediate suspension of the account and the cancellation of the amount on it!

The system monitors and notifies such activities.

Shorlinks Wall = HCSBTC URL Shortener

Earn money Daily Payout
20 links / IP allowed

Do you have a website? Earn extra money with it!

Earn feyorra coin for EVERY impression we pay!
We have 1 piece impression 0.00001 FEY. You can place any number of banners on your website!


IMPRESSION INCREASE: 0.00005 FEY / 1  impression

1000 IMPRESSION=0.05 FEY ( All impressions will be credited for ( *unless click is set* )

30,000 Impressions price for only 50 FEYORRA. 
Daily payments with a minimum of 0.01 FEY FaucetPay

You will receive the payment within 1-24 hour!

Payout FaucetPay.

Why choose us?

-NO Authorization time
-DON'T have to wait unnecessarily
-There are NO stupid questions
EXTREMELY simple interface
-You will earn money IMMEDIATELY after you register


Frequently Asked Questions

Very Cheap Advertising

Very Cheap Advertising HCSADS Minimum Deposit Just 10 FEYORRA choose from the Plan option!

Fees? Activation Time?

NO Fees! NO Activation! NO Time drag as soon as you start your ad, it will appear on our network immediately!

How much does the ad cost Per View Per Click ?

In each case, the advertiser can set a minimum price of 0.0001 FEY Per View and 0.0002 FEY Per Click if this is a higher rating set by the advertiser then those ads will appear most often.

Fixed Price the impression?

NO! We can change the impression price to a higher (It can be up to 0.01 FEY / impression price) value or a lower value at any time without prior notice!

How many times can I request a payment per day?

1 user can have a maximum of 3 payment requests in 1 day

Are they checking my website?

NO! But we can ask you to send us the web address of the site at random at any time if you do not do so within a few hours we will suspend your account..

Who runs the site?

The HCSADS website is operated by FREETRX.FUN admin FREETRX Faucet Network.

Daily Ad Serve

Can I post a GIF banner ad?

NO! Our system does not support GIF ads, but it will not animate.

There is zero tolerance for using VPN.VPS, PROXY. If this is detected, your account will be disabled immediately and the your balance will be reset to zero!
NO! We believe that every website owner should be given a chance to make a profit with your site. We are not a cheeky Bitmedia you can come to us with confidence, even if your site only started today.
YES! Immediately! If you have any problems please write in the Contact menu and we will solve the dust problem within 12 hours (or less).
Payments are made in 1 hour and 24 hours!
Not difficult at all! :) It's very easy to just copy the code and go to your website.
FaucetPay (FEYORRA coin) ONLY for other withdrawal options there is no possibility.
Do not be scared! :) A minimum of 10 impressions must occur for the amount earned to be visible.

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